Several of us think that plagiarism is a simply copying of somebody else's works or in some cases borrowing somebody else's original ideas and publish in their own name. But the terminologies like "borrowing" or "copying" most of the times disguise the overall seriousness of this offense.

The meaning of plagiarism indicates any of the following:

To be crisper, plagiarism is nothing less than an act of fraud. This involves the stealing of somebody else's work and then lying about the same eventually.

What all are considered as plagiarism?

All the following cases are considered as plagiarism:

Most of the plagiarism cases can be avoided by simply citing the original source. All you need to do is acknowledge the certain material which has been borrowed from some other source and this would be good enough to prevent plagiarism.

Does plagiarism applies in case of videos and images?

Usage of the videos and images produced by others in your work without proper permission or without providing proper citation is termed as plagiarism. The following activities in case of videos and images can be considered as plagiarism.

At Austin Publishing Group, along with determination of the quality of the submitted thesis and articles, strong attention is also given to check the plagiarism. On finding any content to be plagiarized, we instantly reject those contents. Under severe conditions, we also sometimes blacklist those writers who have been constantly submitting plagiarized contents to us.

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