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Mar 24, 2017

Journal of Cardiovascular Disorders

A Historical Perspective on Presentations of Hypertensive Acute Heart Failure

Abstract: Background: The initial Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP) in patients presenting to the hospital with Acute Heart Failure (AHF) informs prognosis, diagnosis, and guides initial treatment. However over time AHF presentations....

Mar 24, 2017

Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering

Physico-Chemical, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Analysis and Soap Production from Thervetia Peruviana Seed Oil

Abstract: Thevetia peruviana plant known in Hausa as 'Gamboje' wasfound to be a plant of cosmetic importance. The hexane extract of the seed oil was Physicochemically analyzed, fatty acid compostion qualitatively determined using GCMS....

Mar 24, 2017

Journal of Cardiovascular Disorders

Metabolic Modulation with Incretins: Is the Bloom off the Rose?

Abstract: For the better part of a half century, cardiovascular physiologists have recognized that the failing heart is characterized by perturbations in myocardial metabolism whether or not heart failure is accompanied by myocardial ischemia.....

Mar 24, 2017

Austin Journal of Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine

Resurgence of Viral Activity of Pandemic Influenza a (H1N1) 2009: A Report from a Tertiary Care Institute in North India

Abstract: Context: Although WHO officially declared the H1N1 influenza pandemic to be over in August 2010 but the virus continues to circulate as seasonal influenza with varied degree of activity in different parts of world. There was a....

Mar 23, 2017

Annals of Agricultural & Crop Sciences

Soil Water Balance Computation - The Instrumental Part

Abstract: This paper presents a methodological/instrumental/calculative assignment used to delineate soil water balance components. From the last decade, a number of publications appeared in reputed journals on the soil water balance....

Mar 23, 2017

Austin Pancreatic Disorders

Management of Acute Pancreatitis

Abstract: Acute pancreatitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the pancreas associated with a systemic response due to auto-digestion of the gland and peripancreatic tissues. The disease can occur in mild....

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